Welcome! A Letter from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Logansport Community School Corporation website. As a 1987 graduate of Logansport High School, I could not be more proud to be the superintendent. I have spent my entire career in education in this corporation. I began as a teacher at Fairview Elementary School, was an assistant principal at Landis Elementary School, principal at Columbia Elementary School, and the curriculum director for the corporation, prior to becoming the superintendent. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity in a city and school district that I love. 

Logansport Community School Corporation has a diverse student population, and we pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of opportunities for all of our students. We understand that not everyone has the same interests nor do they learn in the same fashion. We strive to meet the needs of all of our students, and continue to look for ways to expand those opportunities. 

Between Logansport High School and Century Career Center, there are well over 200 dual credit opportunities for our students and a wide variety of graduation pathways. College-bound students are graduating with often times over 30 dual credits, which puts them at sophomore status upon entering college. This gives our students an academic (not to mention financial) advantage as they move on to college. 

Students are exposed to pathways as early as preschool and kindergarten. These learning experiences and opportunities build each year as students matriculate through the grades. Students are earning up to 11 high school credits at Logansport Junior High School, which allows them to explore pathways extensively and to take a wide variety of classes during their high school years, which prepares them for life after graduation.

This is all possible because of the opportunities that we are offering and preparing our students for the minute they enter school.  We offer a wide variety of programming at the elementary school level also. Some of those include: preschool, dual language immersion, high ability classes, choir, robotics, athletics, computer education, and the list goes on!

We are a very successful 1:1 school district in grades 3rd-12. Students each have a laptop which is used as a learning tool, in addition to teaching digital citizenship and ultimately preparing our students for post secondary education. In kindergarten through 2nd grade, classroom carts are utilized and have proven to be very effective.

We are very proud of the fact that we are a very stable school corporation. Our enrollment has grown consistently over the past few years. We pride ourselves in continuous improvement in order to meeting the ever changing needs within our district so that we provide our students with as many opportunities as possible.

I take my job very seriously and feel personally responsible for all of our students. As the mother of two boys, one who is a 2018 graduate of Logansport High School and the other who is a current sophomore, I understand the importance of our children being safe, valued, and having as many opportunities afforded them as possible. 

I look forward to continuing to serve this outstanding district!

 Michele Starkey