about lcsc

250+ College Dual Credits Offered

Students at LCSC have the opportunity to develop college and career readiness through dual credit and AP courses, saving thousands in college tuition and preparing students for career paths in skilled trades, nursing, and more.

91% Graduation Rate

Logansport High School received a State Letter Grade "A" and has a 91% graduation rate.

1:1 Technology

Every student at LCSC receives their own technology device, allowing students to explore learning independence while collaborating with classmates and teachers.

Dual Language Immersion Programs

LCSC is proud to offer a Spanish DLI program that teaches students to think, read, write, and communicate in two languages. For native English speakers, DLI provides immersion into a new language, and for native Spanish speakers, it provides academic development in their first language. In fact, research shows DLI programming is the single most effective instructional strategy for English learners. The goals of our program are biliteracy, bilingualism, and biculturalism.