Berry Success - L. Eastburn

At Logansport Community School Corporation, we find great value in highlighting our student successes. Every year we see hundreds of students leave the doors of LHS one last time to go on and change the world in their own way. Our goal is to share the achievements of our alumni and remind future berries of the endless opportunities that await them!

This week’s #BerrySuccess is 2015 LHS Graduate, Lucas Eastburn. Lucas graduated midterm from high school to allow himself to decide whether college was for him or not. During his first semester of college, he realized that college wasn’t something that he wanted to pursue. Eastburn quickly recognized the need for more people in skilled trades, which was something that interested him. This sparked the journey of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Dilling Group. He’s now in his 4th year of the apprenticeship program and has had the opportunity to travel to 4-5 different states, ranging from Seattle, WA to Pottsville, PA. “I look forward to learning every day at the job-site and try to work hard,” said Lucas. “Things, like being prepared for class and don’t be late, aren’t just important in K-12. These simple things will set you apart to your future employer and don’t go unnoticed.”

Two of Lucas’s favorite things about his time at LCSC were the student sections that fill the stands at berry events and classes offered through the career center. By taking classes in several different areas in high school, he was able to decide early what he wanted to do in life. Lucas’s most recent accomplishment was purchasing his first home before his 22nd birthday! “If you work hard and find something you enjoy, the opportunities will be endless for you,” Lucas shared.