Berry Success - A. Franco

At Logansport Community School Corporation, we find great value in highlighting our student successes. Every year we see hundreds of students leave the doors of LHS one last time to go on and change the world in their own way. Our goal is to share the achievements of our alumni and remind future berries of the endless opportunities that await them!

This week’s #BerrySuccess is 2013 LHS Graduate, Alexis Franco. After graduation, Alexis started school at Trine University. Within three years, she completed her Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus on accounting and a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on finance. By taking college courses offered at LHS and the Career Center, Alexis had a semesters worth of college classes under her belt before she started at Trine University, saving her time and money. Currently, she works in the Accounting Department at Cole Hardwood.

Alexis said that Logansport School Corporation provided her with opportunities and resources that helped her decide what she wanted to do after high school. With the help of the Century Career Center and Mrs. Frye’s accounting class, she found her passion for accounting. “I wouldn’t have graduated with my bachelors and masters degree in 3 years if it wasn’t for college courses in high school, and I wouldn’t have been in the accounting field if it wasn’t for the Career Center,” said Franco. “Take college classes, take classes at the Career Center. It saves you money, it saves you a semester, and it saves you time.”