A look into the life of first grade teacher and 2015 LHS graduate, Jocelyn Aguilar Castro! We are grateful Jocelyn returned to Logansport to work for LCSC. Thank you Indiana University Kokomo for writing this story and creating this video.

See the full post and video here:

Indiana University Kokomo 

March 15, 2019

"At IU Kokomo, we offer a brighter future for all. Jocelyn came here on a mission to help people, now she is a bilingual first grade teacher in the same classroom she learned in at Landis Elementary. Watch the video and read the story (http://newsroom.iuk.edu/articles/2019/03-mar/graduate-honors-immigrant-parents-sacrifices-with-teaching-career.php?fbclid=IwAR2goiG6eARBy3a4FjGAJ6QjkYica7eMKGfNlHAsxMzqWNqPcKkmmax-mFM). Don't forget to subscribe to us at youtube.com/iukokomo"